WOWCall is software with which the user can call landlines and mobile phones

WOWCALL is a program with which the user can have free PC-to-PC conversations and call various landlines and mobile phones around the world at very low costs. Besides calling, one can also send SMSs, although the cost of an SMS is generally higher than a minute of conversation. The rates are variable, but they can be checked on the website with ease. The software can also be installed on almost all smartphones.

In order to use WOWCALL, an account must be registered on its site. This takes less than a minute and you can choose your own number which will also be your account name, however, this will not be your Caller ID which you'll be able to see later in the account settings. You can verify your own number to call or send SMSs from it, but this is not mandatory.

If you click on "account", "recharge", "check rate" in the program, you will be sent to the website where you will find more details about your account. On the website you can check out recent calls and call history as well as recharge the account. Recharging can be done with a WOWCALL voucher, credit card or with PayPal or even transfer credit between accounts. When calling somebody the program automatically shows the destination (location and service supplier), the available duration depending on your credit and the call rates.

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